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"Lovers of Fusion will find much to enjoy in oboist Margaret Herlehy 's new album for Big Round Records, Rosewood Café.  There's plenty of diversity to discover ..., which not only gives the listener a rich and vibrant experience, but also showcases Margaret Herlehy's versatility as an oboist.

-The Graveyard, London UK

Big Round, the seal of Parma Recordings that produces the music of the new innovative sounds,  gives us the ear with a new compact of Brazilian music with oboist Margaret Herlehy. The oboe is the instrument that sings the "songs" of the various composers gathered around the Latin fusion and jazz. Believe me readers, it is a record with which we can make a drink of good music and savor it slowly. Margaret Herlehy, romantic and introspective, shows with mourning and sensitivity the joyous spirit of the South American country.

-Sonagramma Magazine, Barcelona SPAIN

".. a world of sounds ...from the extensive range of technique that she effortlessly realizes, the confidence and maturity of her musical language is stunning, and always harmonically and texturally beautiful.

-World Music Report, Toronto CANADA

"A sweet collection of songs in the South American popular idiom."

-The Whole Note-listening room


Lyrical beauty...the music that oboist Margaret Herlehy has created on this CD (is) delicately yet powerfully intoxicating.


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